Just because it’s August doesn’t mean you’re done Gardening.

August might be the end of summer vacation for school children, but for gardeners it’s a great time to plant and prepare. Here are some suggestions from the team at Vertex Products on what gardeners can do in the month of August and the upcoming fall season.

Plant Cool Season Vegetables: 

You can start a Fall vegetable garden now and allow the vegetables to mature during the coming months. You can start rotating your crops out with the Easy Step Soil Shredder and NaturalGrip™ V-Hoe. Once you prepared a new garden bed you can plant cool season vegetables like spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, collards, kale, and peas. These vegetables can mature during the Fall and be ready for harvest before Winter.

Watch out for Mildew: 

Keep your eye on your shrubs and dogwood for powdery mildew. It starts to grow during the late Summer/early Fall and it can suck energy from the root system and hinder growth that shrubs and dogwood need to survive the Winter.


Are you thinking of relocating some of your plants this August? Using the  Garden Essentials Comfort-Grip Transplanter can make it easy for you to relocate plants to different parts of your garden or move flowers into pots.

Bulb Planting for Next Spring: 

Bulbs won't be available for about a month, so start planning on where you want your plants to be next year. Make note where your perennials and other plants are now while they’re still growing so you can incorporate those into your plan. Prepare the soil, remove any excess plant material, and clear out any rocks. When you’re ready to plant, use the  Easy Step Plant Plugger to start planting bulbs. Planting bulbs in the Fall gives them time to root and prepare to bloom in the Spring.

No matter what gardening project you are working on or gardening season you are in, Vertex Products can make your job easier and more productive.