The fast & easy way to clear snow.

90% of snowfalls are 3 inches or less. Too light for a scoop shovel, but not worth the hassle of a snow blower. SnoDozer is the perfect solution for plowing away nuisance snowfalls.

  • Stand up & save your back!
  • Body force is directly at the blade
  • Two handed power grip
  • Fully replaceable blade
  • Quality made & built to last
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Fast & Free Shipping

Original SnoDozer™ On Wheels

$109.76 $129.99

SnoDozer™ SnoBlade

$69.76 $89.99

Flip-It™ SnoDozer™ On Wheels

$99.76 $129.99


SnoDozer™ lets you stand upright with a 2 handed power grip, allowing you to leverage your body’s momentum directly behind the SnoBlade™.

Upright power grip helps reduce bending to save your back and body while pushing snow away like a plow.

SnoDozer™ quickly clears up to 3 inches of snow from walks, drives & porches.

Heavy Duty 30-Inch Snoblade

The Vertex Products Snodozer comes with a heavy-duty 30-inch Snoblade that cuts right though the snow.

The Heavy Duty blade is designed to work exactly like a professional snowplow. As you push the SnoDozer, snow is funneled out the side, out of your way, and off your driveway, porch, or sidewalk.

Compare the quality of the Snodozer to other knockoffs, and you can see the difference of quality and dependability.


The Flip-It Snodozer and Original Snodozer are supported by extra-large 10 x 3" never flat wheels that allow your body to push the SnoDozer like a plow.

The SnoDozer provides a heavy duty 30-inch blade, extra-large never-flat tires, and unique two-handed grip that adjusts to your body.

It's the perfect choice for anybody looking to avoid the strains that traditional snow shovels offer.

John Smith-Jenkings

Vertex Products Cusomer

My SnoDozer is amazing, and it's easy to store in my garage. I don't have a lot of room to work with, but with my SnoDozer I can have it ready to go when it snows. Now, If I can only stop my neighbor from borrowing it all the time.

Francis McDurmont

Vertex Products Customer

It's a strain on my body to shovel the old fashion way as I got older, but with my SnoDozer I was able to get my driveway cleared in record time. The only person who is strained is the kid I used to pay to shovel my driveway.

Derek Gallerison

Vertex Product Customer

I bought two SnoDozers for the Apartment buildings I own. Now it's easy for my staff and I to keep the walkways snow free and avoid our tenets from slipping and injuring themselves.

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