Affordable High Density Storage Solution.

Stores & Organizes more in Less Space.

StorEdge™ HD is a professional grade storage solution for home & business. This easy to install modular system is designed to create "layers" of storage. Our high density layered design stores & organizes more in less space - for less money.

With the flexibility to create endless configurations, it's never been easier to keep your life neat & organized. Whether it's everyday home items, tools or sporting goods, StorEdge™ HD adapts to your unique need.

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Stores & Organizes more in Less Space.

StorEdge™ HD 30-Piece Clutter Buster Set

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Easily Expands and Adapts

A first time homeowner organizing the basics, a family full of student-athletes or Grandparents storing for family gatherings, the StorEdge™ HD system easily adjusts and expands with your needs.

Relocate SuperDuty™ hooks anywhere along the Michigan made steel track's, or expand at anytime with an additional modular High Density set. Combining sets together creates compact storage sections based on tasks, hobbies or seasons at anytime - one for garden, power tools, sporting, seasonal decorations, etc.

A growing family, expanding your hobbies or just reorganizing; its easy to get hooked on StorEdge™ HD

Better By Design

Imagine doubling, or even tripling your wall space, while at the same time adding a heavy duty shelf for your seasonal and long term storage needs. Welcome to StorEdge™ HD.

The layered design of StorEdge™ HD maximizes storage density by utilizing the unused space you already have. Built around the innovative simplicity of 5 quality American Made pieces, StorEdge™ HD stores your life's gear easily and efficiently.

Whether its condensing 3 walls of storage to just 1 or freeing up precious space in the garage, shed or utility areas, StorEdge™ HD provides maximum storage value per cubic inch of space used.

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