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YARDENING Rolling Comfort Scoots

The Vertex Products Yardening Carts™ are designed to provide the convenience and mobility you need to help tend your prize-winning garden, maintain your yard, or as a general utility cart for the home.

Freedom to move around combined
with our patended Comfort Grip Seating

Front to Back Density 

We all hate to make extra trips for tools and supplies when we want to work in our garden, tend to our yard, or even when we're working on home repair projects.

The Easy Pull Mobility of Vertex Products Yardening Carts™ eliminates those extras trips from the garage to project. The grid system offers specially design compartments to store, organize, and transport virtually any type of tools.

These combined features, help you work smarter not harder.  


One of the many benefits of having products designed and manufactured by working-class Americans is the attention to detail and unmatched durability.

You can compare our Yardening Carts to those from overseas, and you'll see for yourself that the Vertex Products line of Yardening Carts offer a far superior feel and build.

That's one of the many reasons why it's important to buy from people who understand what word "durability" really means.

Foam molded made inAmerica, capable to hold anyting,

Storage that is expandable   

One of the great annoyances people deal with in working with carts is the inevitable flat tire.

That's why all Vertex Products Yardeing Carts feature size appropriated air-less tires. These "Never Flat" tires save you the unnecessary hassle of maintaining pneumatic tires found on other carts.

Load up your tools and head out to your project right away, every time. Grips and Grids  



Elle Peterson

Vertex Products Cusomer 

This is a very useful lawn cart. I had a cart I purchased in the seventies that had some similar in design but was much smaller I still have that cart I think I'll retire it now that Vertex USA gave me a larger and better cart and one you can haul your garden tools with you & a Drink.

Three Cheers for MADE IN the U S A .

Pete Juddson

Vertex Products Customer

Handy work cart. Holds all my garden tools and fertilizer. just roll out of garage

Ester McDonald

Vertex Product Customer

Purchased this for an individual who loves to work in the yard/garden, but has difficulty getting up and down. This cart is sturdy and stable enough to carry necessary tools and to be used as a brace/crutch to help this individual get back up from her projects. Great product!