Yarden™ Tools Leaf Claw Scoops™

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Large, oversize leaf claws are like bear claws or two giant hands to help you scoop and grab leaves, grass, twigs and any other lawn debris to be cleaned up.  Compare to any other “knock off” or import leaf scoops or poly hand scoops and you will quickly see the difference.  The YardenTool Leaf claws leaf rakes will pick up more leaves faster and with less bending than any other leaf collector tools for fall clean up on the market.

This set of Made in USA leaf grabber tools extend your reach by 1.5 feet and feature a leverage grip to allow you to gather and pick up more leaves during lawn clean up.  Lawn rake heads easily gather stray leaves and the smallest debris at the bottom of the pile. Working like a pair of hand rakes the Leaf Claws leaf scoop will out-perform smaller, less comfortable and less functional ergonomic hand rakes for lawn care and fall clean up.  It is an amazing rake and leaf grabber whenever leaf collection is your backyard project.

Use for leaves, grass clippings, twigs, sticks, pine straw, pine cones, rotten apples, hedge clippings, mulch, wood chips, acorns and other yard debris. Ideal for spreading mulch, straw and other common backyard landscape projects.

  • Save time and your back with this ergonomic lawn rake & gardening tool
  • Leaf claw leverage grip extends your reach by 1-1/2 feet compared to standard hand rakes for fall clean up
  • Pick up leaves TEN TIMES more than you could with hands or your hand and standard lawn rakes
  • Larger than leaf paws and other leaf scoop branded products offering giant hands.
  • Helps avoid touching pet waste, yard mold and sharp or pointed items when cleaning up your yard.
  • Compare to Releaf Scoops, giant hands, leaf grabbers and other lawn tools for collecting leaves – then buy America’s best!
  • Designed, manufactured, packaged and shipped by Working Class American’s – your support is appreciated