Garden Rocker™ Comfort Kneeler Bench™

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Ideal for use in the garden, garage, home or around the yard. This quality product features an over-sized contoured comfort seat with a large, soft kneeling surface on the other side. The rocking foot reduces strain on the knees, back and neck when reaching. In the kneeling mode, the easy-up assist handles provide stability when working or reaching and offer assistance when getting up or down.

Easy assembly with only 2 screws. Heavy duty to support persons up to 220 lb. Rocking design allows for easy reaching while reducing strain on knees and lower back Extra-large contoured seat for enhanced comfort when sitting Spacious kneeling areawith 1/2 in. T comfort foam Easy-up handles help to ease getting up and down in kneeling position Quality designed, manufactured, packaged and shipped by Working Class Americans - we appreciate your support