Flip-It™ SnoDozer™ On Wheels

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Heavy duty professional grade 30-Inch rolling snow shovel on wheels features a 15-degree angle to roll and eject snow out the side of the SnoBlade. With a bi-directional flip-it blade, you can start in the middle of a drive or walk and push snow to each side or push snow to one side if you choose.

The two handed U shaped floating handle naturally adjusts to you unique body height. The SnoDozer Flip-it rolling flip shovel allows you to stand upright with a two handed power grip and leverage your body weight and momentum. With your body weight behind the snowplow you can push more snow with less effort. Plus, ability to flip the SnoBlade whenever you want you get twice the life from this snow shovel with wheels. Quickly clear walkways and driveways of up to 2-3 inches of nuisance snowfalls with this Made in USA 30” rolling snow pusher.

Vertex SnoDozer snow shovels on wheels are the standard in all rolling snow shovels and will help you shovel like a Boss! If you are looking for more a fixed SnoDozer shovel instead of a rolling flip shovel please consider our P830 Original SnoDozer shovel on wheels. Designed, manufactured, packaged and shipped by American Workers. Makes quick work of snowfalls up to 3 inches Heavy duty 30-inch snoblade Bi-directional flip-it snow blade makes you the boss! 10 x 3 inch tires on our rolling flip shovel Snow shovel features a replaceable snowplow blade Designed, manufactured, packaged and shipped by Working Class American’s – your support is appreciated Download The Assembly Instructions